Podcast: How to Break the Rules in Order to Be Successful

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Are you worried that you might not have certain advantages in order to be successful? Then listen up because you NEED to hear this episode! In today’s episode, Jessica Hagmaier, unpacks how to break the rules in order to be successful and how growing up without an ambitious lineage didn’t hinder her from becoming successful. We discuss becoming self-taught with web design, being a single mom and raising a son by herself, how to not allow others’ limitations to dictate our success and so much more!

Jessica Hagmaier is a single mother and the CEO of Websites x Design. Between bouncing around corporate jobs to being out of work three days before Thanksgiving in 2018, Jessica decided that entrepreneurship was the best route for her life and family. This is when Websites x Design was born. Websites x Design is a one-stop shop for all branding and visual needs and Jessica’s mission is to help companies build human connections in a digital world.

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