Web Design

WEBSITE Design, Website development, Digital Design, UI/UX

Your Website is your calling card to the world. And while many might not think it, websites are actually living, breathing entities that require regular maintenace and attention … kinda like your skincare routine, or precious(?) toddler, or even your adorable pibble furbaby that requires its own self-care routine :D…

Year: 2019 – Present

Client: Work featured below are for the following clients (in order): ZUP, Private Label Client, Discovery High School, Easy Sipping Beverages, ZUP Wake, DoMore Fitness, Henderson & Regal, Athena Healthcare, The Rysk Group, XR Health and Generous Benefits.

Scope of Work: Various based on client. 

Whether your company is just starting out or you have an established brand with a loyal fanbase, chances are you’ll go through several evolutions of your brand.

Want to hear (well, read, lol) a little known fact? We actually started out as Websites x (by) Design. However, about 1.5 years into our journey we realized graphic design (and all its derivatives) actually encompassed about 90% of the work we created. Hence, we rebranded (and redesigned!) to more accurately reflect our service offerings and capabilities. In May of 2021, WxD Creative was born!

Never be afraid to evolve… that’s what design is for!


Physical/print design comes in so many different forms and applications, it’s hard to think of things that don’t include graphic design. We’ve helped our clients develop everything from flyers, magazines, product manuals, retail products and packaging, tradeshow booths, apparel, print advertisements, business cards and so much more!

Everything else…

Mobile, landing ages 

Already have and idea for your product or service, but have no idea how to develop your logo or brand? We can help you define, refine, and develop your brand voice and identity by understanding your core goals, needs and audience.

When we started working with one of our clients, their original concept for a fitness brand/name was SQUIDD. After developing this brand guide, several logos and digging into their ideas further, we worked with their team to create what would ultimately become DOMORE Fitness >>.

Jessica was incredible from day 1. I interviewed 8 freelancers and ended up selecting Jessica for a variety of reasons…most important to me was that she picked up on the concepts I gave her and ran with it…making suggestions that aligned with my goals instantly! Then throughout the project she was available, quick to respond, creative ideas (I wasn’t always sure what I really wanted…but she helped in this area also), and finally is one I’d hire again for future work as well. She created marketing content, collateral and a website. Amazing!

– Robert Y, Security Professional